For I Consider That The Sufferings Of This Present Time Are Not Worth Comparing With The Glory That Is To Be Revealed In Us.

Displaced people and refugees

Today there are millions of people worldwide who are suffering in extreme circumstances due to war and persecution. This includes internally displaced people as well as refugees and stateless people who have no country. The most vulnerable of these are typically children and women. By some estimates there are over 40 million people without a home, or even country, most of which have limited access to food, clothing and medical care. Not to mention, most of these people have been exposed to horrific violence and have lost family members before and during their exodus. To the right are the more notable numbers from 2015 according to the UN and the UNHCR.

Syria - 7,600,000 people displaced from war and persecution

Columbia - 6,000,000 people displaced from war and criminal activity

Sudan - 3,100,000 people displaced from war and persecution

Ukraine - 1,300,000 people displaced from war

Pakistan - 1,800,000 displaced from violence and war

Afghanistan - 1,000,000 people displaced from war

DRC - 2,800,000 people displaced from civil war

Iraq - 4,000,000 from war and persecution

Somalia - 1,100,000 from war and persecution

Yemen - 1,000,000 from war and persecution