Quick and the Dead is a music project formed in 2015 by Justin Marler in Austin, TX. After fronting bands, touring and recording for decades, Justin came up with the idea of using his music as a means to help those in need. In 2014 Justin started toying with the idea of converting traditional gospel hymns into high-energy punk songs. Some of the hymns selected were originally popularized by music legends Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

After a few months of arranging and writing, Justin brought in drummer Jim Watson and guitarist Tony D'Amato. In 2015, after only 3 rehearsals the band spent 3 days in the studio recording live to tape. Matt Oliver (worked with The Get up Kids and Dashboard Confessional) was brought in as engineer and producer and Stuart Sikes (worked with The White Stripes and Riverboat Gamblers) mixed the album. The end result is a sucker punch of fast, loud, melodic and surprisingly fun music that confronts the dark side of the human condition with hope, love, and redemption.

Justin Marler - vocals and guitar
Jim Watson - drums
Tony D'Amato - vocals, bass and guitars